Insurance Claims and Disputes

Ferrari Law deals with insurance claim disputes for medical claims, property damage claims and loss to a home or business.
When you pay your insurance premium, you expect the insurance company to be there when the worst happens. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Patricia L. Ferrari is an experienced insurance claim attorney who advocates and fights hard for the rights of her clients. Insurance disputes cause unnecessary anguish for those whose lives are affected. Patricia L. Ferrari is committed to helping her clients resolve disputes and receive the compensation they deserve.Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to simplify complex insurance policies and help our clients understand the insurance claim dispute process.
Dealing with an insurance dispute can be challenging. Patricia L. Ferrari’s straightforward approach has been proven successful in cases where a claim has been wrongfully denied or delayed or a client has received an unfair settlement from their insurance company. Ferrari Law will review your policy, explain your rights and negotiate on your behalf, ensuring you receive appropriate payments in a timely manner.If you have an insurance claim dispute and want to receive appropriate compensation as soon as possible, please don’t wait to call Patricia L. Ferrari for a free consultation.