Injury Law

Have you or a loved one suffered an injury as a result of the actions of another party? Sometimes the person that caused the injury is a friend or neighbor causing you to hesitate to seek compensation. However, you need to know that typically the party that caused the injury has insurance that would cover the damages sustained by you or a loved one. Attorney Ferrari has over twenty years of experience in handling injury claims. Having worked as a claim attorney for State Farm and other well-known insurance companies, Attorney Ferrari knows the ropes when it comes to dealing with insurance companies that insure the at fault party and securing the maximum compensation possible. She is also not afraid to go to court and seek the maximum compensation possible from a jury of your peers.

The following are all examples of what could be covered under the at fault party’s insurance policy.

  • Injuries caused by a Slip and Fall
  • Injuries caused by Auto Accidents
  • Injuries caused at a Nursing Home
  • Injuries cause by a Dog
  • Injuries caused by a Drunk Driver
  • Injuries caused at a Store
  • Injuries caused at an Apartment Complex

DO NOT DELAY. In order to protect your rights under Florida law and to preserve evidence and witnesses it is very important that you contact Attorney Ferrari immediately after the accident. The initial consultation is free. If you cannot come to Attorney Ferrari’s office, she will come to you.